Preventing the Next Snowden

Whether one thinks of Edward Snowden as a hero or criminal, we can all agree that something must be done to prevent his as well as the government’s actions from happening once more. Those who think of him as a hero suggest that his leaking of the government’s spying helped millions of Americans and major companies realize that their classified information was no longer classified. On the other hand, those who think of him as a criminal note that he broke the law by stealing and notifying news organizations of the government’s spying. Either way, it is crucial for the government to cease this from happening again.

One realization of the problem is simple: there are too many classified documents and too many people who have the ability to leak them. An article on by Sue Mi Terry gives the example, “the existence of a CIA training facility, Camp Peary, in Williamsburg, Virginia, is supposedly secret even though Camp Peary has a Wikipedia page that lists its exact coordinates” (Terry). This is a perfect example of how this “private” information should not actually be seen as private. If it is not completely necessary for a document to be classified, it should not be. Many secret documents are actually provided in public literature (Terry), and therefore should not even be kept from the public in any way.

Overall, one of the best solutions would be to set the bar higher when deciding which documents should actually be classified. When the government hides millions of documents, there is a higher chance of someone leaking the “private” data. Therefore, by declassifying some documents, fewer people would have access to important information.


3 thoughts on “Preventing the Next Snowden

  1. laurenwillins says:

    That’s an interesting stance on whether or not a document should be deemed classified. However, if we start declassifying certain documents, there could be an instance in which some important information is overlooked and released. Deciding which documents are more important than others could lead us down a dangerous road with some serious consequences if we’re not careful.


  2. lagessem says:

    I agree with Lauren. There are somethings that are more serious than others and if we are not careful and responsible with how we control this kind of information then it could lead to major consequences. And to go off on something listed in the post above, there is way too much classified information that some individuals have access too and they shouldn’t. With that being said some things need to be monitored more than others and we need to make sure we take the time to do that.


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