The Two-Person Rule

There are various policy recommendations in regards to Edward Snowden’s case. As many of these policies are complicated and even expensive, there is one that is simple enough to prevent Snowden’s actions from happening again. After Snowden released confidential information revealing that the government had been spying on US citizens and major organizations, the NSA implemented the “Two-Person Rule,” which almost promises that Snowden’s case will not happen again.

The “Two-Person Rule,” according to an article on, reassures privacy by authorizing two people to handle classified documents. Forbes staff Andy Greenberg states that “the rule required that anyone copying data from a secure network onto portable storage media does so with a second person who ensures he or she isn’t also collecting unauthorized data” (Greenberg). When it comes to the confidentiality of important, governmental data, this policy provides reassurance that no private information will be revealed. Snowden proved just how easy it is to release private documents to news organizations, who obviously reveal everything to the public. So, with this policy, there is a much better chance of government documents remaining private.


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