Monitoring the Outside

Despite greater security measures and precautions, it is still feasible to suggest that attacks from the outside would be imminent. How do we protect from them? In addition, what does the country do to combat information that has already been released, such as in Snowden’s case? The answer to the later question is unfortunately nothing. With an ever expanding information storage system that includes the cloud, the google drive, and technologies such as screen shots make completely deleting information, or keeping it to yourself almost impossible. However, the cloud and its similar counterparts also pose a new wave of cyberattacks. To defend against such cyberattacks, and once on a larger scale we must “expand our security perspective outside our ‘walls’”.

It’s about being smarter; smarter than the systems and smarter than those wanting to steal our information. Most new devices are cloud based which creates countless new opportunities for hackers. Security begins by changing the way in which we collect and manage thousands upon thousands of data threats. Data analysts are hit every day with threats and must set a solid foundation for “intelligence-drive security”.

Some day that the best way to do this is find a way to put all information in one place. If all threats are coming to one place, they would become easier to manage. Unfortunately, our vacation pictures and the nation’s most top secret information cannot be stored in once place. That’s where greater security codes and access tracking comes into play. While increased tracking is viewed as an infringement on citizen’s basic rights, it is a necessity to keep our country and our secrets safe – from foreign and domestic attackers.



2 thoughts on “Monitoring the Outside

  1. stefaneed says:

    I agree, if we had one tunnel that allowed our information to come in and out, it would be easier to monitor things. But, there’s so many outlets that it makes it simple for Americans to become victims.


  2. lagessem says:

    If we had one place where we could put all the information that would be very beneficial but it would also come with a high risk due to the amount of outsiders trying to obtain information that they shouldn’t. There is really no right or wrong answer for this topic.


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