Snowden’s Dilemma



Although some think that Snowden is somewhat of a “hero”, this martyr has an overwhelmingly heavy problem that just happens to be the United States’ government. The US government has already stated that if Snowden were to ever leave Russia and return to the United States, he would have to face trial.

He faces a severe problem; never being able to return to one’s home country because they leaked classified government information in the name of justice isn’t the best outcome. There is a likelihood that if he were to return, he would not only face the wrath of the government, but also of the citizens. There are those who do not like him at all, and they would gladly see him behind bars for the rest of his life.

Snowden also happens to be somewhat of a sympathizer (or rather supporter) of other “hacktivists” that have been roaming around and making their own marks. During the Panama Papers scandal, Edward Snowden was more than enthusiastic about the leaked information and expressed so on Twitter.

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 6.44.38 PM.png

Now, Snowden has already presented a case to the government asking for amnesty, expressing that although he has been living just fine in Russia, he still feels “out of place”. His plead was based on “morality”, but it is very unlikely that he would be granted the amnesty he asked for just a couple of months ago considering that President Obama was not too pleased by the scandal he caused.


One thought on “Snowden’s Dilemma

  1. medialiteracywilliam says:

    From what I’ve read over the course of this project, I don’t predict he will be granted amnesty anytime soon, especially with a Trump presidency beginning next year. If were him, I’d stay in Russia’s amnesty. It’s said to be away from home, but if he returns to the U.S. he will very likely go to prison for years. Having a house in Russia seems pretty okay compared to that!


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