If They Can Make Money, Why Can’t We?

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The Data Brokers

In the article above, data brokers are people that collect, analyze, and package some of our most sensitive personal information and sell it as a commodity…to each other, to advertisers, even the government, often without our direct knowledge.

So with that being said, my suggested plan of action would be that the government has to pay us [domestic] in some type of form if brokers are able to sell it to other people. If brokers could make money off of data that is really not theirs, then why cant they give a percentage back to the people that they taking the data from?  Better yet, if we had a direct contact with the NSA for taking our data it would maximize revenue for us.

By doing this the government would have to limit themselves from taking our data due to the dollar to data ratio. Plus we would be more willing to let them access our data if we had some type of collateral.


One thought on “If They Can Make Money, Why Can’t We?

  1. medialiteracywilliam says:

    Wow, that’s an interesting solution I’ve never considered. My feelings about it are divided though. I think most people some reluctance when asked if they would choose to make their data available to brokers. However, As an advertising student, I’ve learned the consumer has a lot to gain by giving advertisers some information. Companies are willing to give special discounts to consumers who are serious about buying, and handing over one’s data can help companies with products you may actually want find you! All in all, I think they’re gonna get some data one way or another, so we may as well get paid for it!


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