How Long Can He Stay Away?


For the past three years, Edward Snowden has been in an undisclosed location in Russia. Originally, Russia had allowed him to stay for a year, which was then extended to three years, and he is currently looking for another place to stay as his time in Russia is now coming to a close. No one knows where he is, and the Kremlin has not forfeited that information to the United States government.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 7.32.41 PM.png

During an interview (albeit, one meant for slightly comedic purposes) done by John Oliver, who took the time to seek him out and do an entire episode on his show Last Week Tonight, when asked if he missed the United States, Snowden replied with, “You know, my country is something that travels with me, you know. It’s not just a geographical location.”

He later on states in the interview that he wished that the NSA had a different strategy to it, as he did apply to work at the NSA at one point when he was still in the US. He says that the US should focus more on foreign surveillance rather than domestic surveillance. Americans generally do not care if the government is spying on other countries, but the citizens definitely care if they see that the government is spying on its own citizens, and Snowden recognizes that.

He has expressed his wish to return, but that is simply a dream at the moment. It remains highly unlikely that he will be given a pardon, considering what he has done, and that he will have to face trial. If anything, there is a large chance he could go to prison for the rest of his life.

Edward Snowden returning to the States seems incredibly unlikely. No one knows where he will be seeking asylum next.


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